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Saturday, February 26, 2011




Enhancing Partner Sex With Men’s Sex Toys

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Enhancing Partner Sex With Men’s Sex Toys
You may say there are so many sex toys out there, why exactly cock rings to talk about? Simply because I consider cock rings to be the best men’s sex toys ever. All experiences I’ve had with men who wear cock rings can be described in one word: exceptional. So if you haven’t tried a cock ring yet, you missed a lot. And I’m telling this both men and women, since those cock rings that are designed to stimulate female clit, or clit and anus together – bring unforgettable, mind-blowing, amazing, “screaming” pleasure.
What exactly a cock ring does for Him
The erections of the penis are caused by blood flowing to the penis through vessels. All spaces inside the penis shaft become filled up with blood what leads to gorgeous swelling. In its turn, the swelling blocks the veins from letting blood away form penis, and blood becomes “trapped” for a time till explosive ejaculation. The idea of cock rings is to keep blood and pressure a bit longer, letting your cock look harder, bigger, impressive and stay erected for a longer amount of time. As a result: prolonged sex and enhanced orgasm, because when you finally ejaculate, the sensation feels more intense since it took more time and extra blood to come. Besides the above mentioned things, some cock rings give the feel of as though someone’s hand is gripping your cock and balls. I know most men love their stuff squeezed. Isn’t that so?
However, it’s important not to overdo with the time of wearing cock rings: don’t play with your cock ring for more then 15-20 minutes at a time and never leave it for a night, because you may damage the blood vessels, get stuck and end up in the emergency room.
To reach real pleasure, in a safe way, you need to choose your cock ring size carefully, since most cock rings are not about “one size fits all”. It’s important, because the purpose of these sex toys is to increase the size of the erection slightly. So, never use cock rings that are too tight. If you experience pain, numbness, the feel of cold or even discoloration – remove sex toy and try another one which suits you best.
The cock rings are as much fun for him as they are for her…
What exactly a cock ring does for Her
Cock rings come in different types and one of the greatest, from female perspective, are those that are designed to stimulate a woman. Generally, there are two main types of men’s vibrating penis rings that are designed for partner sex: cock rings that provide clitoral excitement and multiple stimulation cock rings that serve as erection enhancer for penis, and offer both clitoral and anal stimulation. Some of non-vibrating cock rings also have special features as bumpy texture to tease her anus, clitoris and the whole entrance area. However, my pussy gives preference to men’s vibrating companions, because there is nothing better than lots of stimulation, vibration and pulsation here and there. In addition to the mind-blowing physical sensations, there is a visual affect. For me, the sexiest cock rings are the ones that go around his balls and bring them closer. It looks the pure eye-candy, provoking me to lick over all his stuff.
Cock rings can be used for masturbation and partner sex. Of course, I don’t have firsthand experience to share with you regarding cock rings and masturbation, but talking on partner sex, I report you that good cock rings truly intensify sensations of both lovers.


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